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What is Holistic Medicine?

I believe this will help you get a vision for what holistic medicine is like here at The Elite Health Practice in Lansing, Michigan.

Holistic medicine means fixing the root cause, not just treating symptoms.

The best medicine – and best solution to any problem – is to always solve the root cause. If you are experiencing fatigue, low energy, bloating, and brain fog, you are experiencing symptoms of several root causes. This cannot be explained away by assigning a label to a group of symptoms – also known as a conventional diagnosis. Hypothyroid, PCOS, Hashimoto’s, and fibromyalgia come to mind. The goal is to figure out WHY you have the symptoms and create a plan to fix those, rather than “treat” the named illness.

What does holistic really mean?

Holistic means the entire being – all aspects are considered, from the biggest to the smallest. From the obvious to the microscopic. Since ALL chronic dysfunction and illness is holistic, we must consider all aspects of your lifestyle.
For example, let’s say someone had a small lesion of cancer in their breast. Conventional medicine will likely remove it via surgery and put the patient through chemotherapy. If no other spots are found, you are considered “cancer free.” But, this is far from what is actually going on. The surgery and chemo DID NOT cure the cancer as they did not address the root cause.

Any dysfunction in one place, is a dysfunction of the entire organism.

This small cancer lesion represents the entire body which is sending a loud warning that the person’s anti-oxidant, immune, and detoxifying systems are failing. Failing everywhere, not just in the breast… that just happened to be the weakest point. More cancer will certainly follow if the entire system does not move toward health. Just removing this one spot does make the patient “cancer free,” nor does it answer the question of WHY the lesion appeared.
Addressing one’s entire lifestyle can be a daunting task without professional guidance. What is a cure for one person might be a poison to another. Not only is it overwhelming to consider hundreds of variables, but what will work for you? This is why you need an experienced clinician.
I’ll do the hard work of assessing the root causes of illness that you are wrestling with. Set up an appointment today.
– Dr. Jason
Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor in Lansing, Michigan

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