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Understanding Electromagnetic Radiation: Risks and Mitigation

By Dr. Jason McCammon, PhD in Natural Medicine
The Science Behind EMF
Electromagnetic radiation, commonly referred to as EMF, is a topic of growing concern. Before diving into the ways to mitigate its effects, it’s crucial to understand the science behind it. All entities, especially humans, vibrate at a certain frequency. This natural vibration is disrupted by the oscillation of EMF, leading to potential health risks. The stronger and more sustained the EMF wave, the more it can drown out and dampen our body’s natural frequencies. See my previous blog post for more detail.
Mitigation Devices and Their Importance
There’s a myriad of devices available in the market that claim to shield or block the harmful effects of EMF. These include grounding devices, pendants, chips for phones, outlet filters, and various shielding devices. However, it’s essential to approach these solutions with a discerning eye. Not everyone is affected by EMF in the same way, making testing a crucial step. Without proper testing, you might be unknowingly increasing your exposure to EMF, especially if your home has dirty electricity.

You really don’t know how much EMF affects you personally unless you’re tested. Testing is important. Also, you need to test your dwelling. For example, if you use a grounding blanket and plug it into your home’s ground circuit, you could be increasing EMF if you have dirty electricity in your home.

Grounding devices can mitigate a lot of the EMF. If you’re struggling with symptoms, try out one of these devices. Give it 30 days and see if your symptoms improve.

Practical Steps to Reduce EMF Exposure
For those looking for immediate and practical steps to reduce their exposure to EMF, here are some recommendations:
  • Airplane Mode: Use this feature on your phone when it’s not needed. It significantly reduces EMF emissions.
  • Safe Distance: Keep your phone away from your body when not in use. At night, ensure it’s at least 10-15 feet away from your bed.
  • SafeSleeve: This product is a phone cover designed to mitigate EMF. Anecdotal evidence suggests it’s effective in reducing symptoms related to EMF exposure.
  • Speakerphone: Whenever possible, use the speakerphone feature on your mobile device to keep it away from your head.
  • Mindful Device Usage: Minimize proximity to electronic devices. For instance, when using a microwave, step back to reduce exposure.
Biofeedback Testing: A Comprehensive Solution
For a more in-depth understanding of how EMF affects you personally, consider biofeedback testing with a Bioenergetic testing system, like my Qest 4 biofeedback device. This advanced testing can not only determine if EMF is a significant concern for you, but also pinpoint which parts of your body are most affected. Contact us for an appointment with this amazing technology!
Electromagnetic radiation is a complex topic, but with the right knowledge and tools, you can navigate it safely. By understanding its effects and taking practical steps to mitigate exposure, you can ensure a healthier environment for yourself and your loved ones.

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