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Overcoming Chronic Constipation: A Holistic Healing Journey

Dr. Jason with Elite Health here, and today I’d like to share a case study that is typical for a lot of great outcomes we get here at Elite Health. I’m both grateful and honored to have been a part of this individual’s life, helping them heal and guiding them along their healing journey.

The Challenge: Chronic Constipation

The patient in question came to me with a severe case of chronic constipation, experiencing bowel movements only a couple of times a month. This was not just a minor inconvenience; it was a serious medical condition that could have led to dire consequences. They were mindful enough to actually reduce their food intake. That can be a problem long term, but they realized, wait a minute, if I can’t go, I gotta eat less. So that’s one of the things that actually kept them out of the emergency department was eating less. Now obviously, I’m not suggesting that, I’m just telling you that’s what kept them out of the emergency situation because this is serious.

If you’re pooping only a couple of times a month, you’re going to get seriously backed up, and not just the fecal matter, the pressure itself; you’re basically getting auto-intoxication. You’re gonna have massive toxicity that can overwhelm the liver and kidneys, and you can even get into infections in the blood. It can cause your bowels to perforate, actually literally to like come apart, and you start leaking fecal matter into the blood volume, and you can get septic from it. I mean, it’s serious.

The Conventional Approach: Unsuccessful

Obviously, she was miserable, just absolutely miserable. Did she go to use conventional medicine or try to? Absolutely!  All kinds of laxatives, tried changing their diet, still nothing. So she was down to pretty much just liquids. Imagine your daily diet consists of some chicken or chicken broth or bone broth, that’s what your day looks like for eating because you’re so miserable, you’re afraid to eat anything because, again, I think she understood what the consequences were, she couldn’t fix it or get a remedy.

So also obviously because she’s so toxic, she had zero energy. Yet she’s in a physical job that she needed energy for, so it was very difficult for her.

The Holistic Approach: A Path to Recovery

So what we did, one of the top things we did is  look at the entire landscape of her health, the holistic approach. We identified some very key things, some nutrient deficiencies, some pathogens, and then some digestive issues that she was not getting addressed anywhere else. And thankfully, we can now report,  it’s been a couple of months, not that long, and having almost everyday bowel movements. Almost every day now, she’s going to the bathroom. She’s starting to introduce food back, now pretty much eating normal meals. Her energy os starting to go up too.

It did take about a month because we had to get out so much toxins from her body. We had to detox so many organs. We had to do it carefully so we didn’t overwhelm her even more. But now her energy is starting to go up. She’s starting to get back to her old self,  and I think she realizes now that it wasn’t just the constipation, it’s been years of these health issues that were brewing, and eventually, your body just said, “I had enough, I can’t take this anymore,” and reached a point of crisis.

Understanding the Root Cause

So that’s an example where, you know, we looked at holistically at the entire situation and used the Qest Biofeedback machine that  I talked about in another video,  to specifically identify “these are the things you need,” because everybody’s differen. Chronic constipation, you can’t just eat a bunch of fiber, you can’t just take laxatives. You may get a bowel movement, but you’re not really solving why that thing is there in the first place. And remember, it’s because bowel is coming out,  fecal matter is coming out when you go to the bathroom, you can still have lots of impacted waste in the colon. It doesn’t mean you’re moving all your bowel, so just because you see that in the toilet, in fact, a lot of people are chronically constipated, and they do poop every day. Believe it or not, you can, yes, absolutely, you can be constipated chronically and still have a bowel movement. It’s just what happens is small amounts are coming out, the entire bowel is not moving, that whole entire large intestine may be impacted with waste, and it’s very common.

I had this personally happen to me years and years ago. I’ve gone to the bathroom daily pretty much my whole life, I thought I was doing great, and I went and got an x-ray for like my back which was out one day, it was really sore, went to this urgent care, and they literally showed me the film of my entire colon impacted with waste even though I go to the bathroom every day. I was like, “What, are you kidding me?” And I’m not exaggerating, I probably shed, I think, around 10 to 15 pounds. I can’t remember what it was, and I knew it wasn’t body fat. When I started getting my act together and understanding this, I shed 10 to 15 pounds of just fecal matter that was hanging out there for who knows how long.

So even if you go every day, you may still be constipated. How do you know? Well, you need a workup, you need an exam, you need somebody to check that out and let you know.

Conclusion: A Success Story

This case study is an example of how a holistic approach can provide real answers and effective treatment for those who find no relief through conventional medicine. By addressing the root cause with intelligent testing and a thoughtful plan of care, we were able to help this patient recover from a condition that had threatened to send them down a very dark path.

The success of this case should inspire all of us to continue working on our health and to seek out holistic solutions when faced with chronic health issues. It’s a reminder that every individual is unique, and personalized care is often the key to true healing.

Take care, and be well.

Dr. Jason

Board Certified Naturopathic doctor in Lansing, MI

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