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FAQ About The Elite Health Practice

Will Naturopathic Medicine work for me?

Clinical Naturopathy is an evidence-based comprehensive health care system, which only considers the whole person. I use the “think and link” approach rather than the “name and blame” game. The foundation of Naturopathy is to enhance your body’s healing force. Only in this way can you have real, genuine, long-term success, without potentially dangerous side-effects of medications and procedures. Further, there is a vast array of studies proving the efficacy of Naturopathy and it is recognized by the National Institutes for Health’s (NIH) Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Division.

How do I know if Dr. Jason’s approach is right for me?

The Initial Naturopathic Exam will demonstrate my passionate level of empathy, broad knowledge, and clinical skill. The Exam will truly show you if my approach will work for you. After the exam, I will triangulate the evidence to prove my conclusions. You will learn the reason why you have specific symptoms and what can be done about them. Either way, there will be absolutely no commitment to a Plan of Care if either of us determines my approach is not a good fit for you.

I’ve already been let down many times. I’m afraid to get my hopes up, only to be disappointed again.

Almost all women I work with have been down this road. It is sadly common for women to not be taken seriously by some providers. They are sometimes told it’s all in their head and placed on anti-depressants. I felt just like this when dealing with my own health challenges. But what clients tell me is I am more thorough than any provider they have been to – holistic or conventional. I feel where you are, I have experienced multiple life-alternating health challenges yet found a way to conquer them. The entire reason I became a Naturopath is to assist women, like you, in their healing journey. It is my honor to help you, too.

Does Dr. Jason work with other providers; is he open to working with clients who want to take advantage of both their primary care doctor and a holistic doctor?

Absolutely! I want the best solution that works for you! Sometimes a medication or procedure is the best option. I have numerous clients who are on medications for heath challenges and need to be monitored by their PCP. But after working with me, most are taking less medication (some have been able to stop some meds completely) and feel much better with the complementary approach to their health.

Does Dr. Jason take insurance?

Many clients use their HSA (Health Savings Account) toward their care with me. I chose not to align with insurance companies. I find that my clients are more compliant and generate great health outcomes when they invest in their own health. That said, you are welcomed to self-submit a claim as some clients have been successful in the past. I will happily provide you any documentation you request.

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