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How We Help Eliminate Burnout and Exhaustion

Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine provide natural solutions to eliminate burnout and exhaustion.

A holistic approach can successfully address the root causes of your burnout and exhaustion. Nearly two decades of working with thousands of clients have taught me that 3 key areas must be addressed to fix the root cause of your burnout and exhaustion – eliminating bloat, restoring gut health, and balancing your body’s minerals.

1) Reduce bloat and excess weight

Bloat and Excess Weight Causes Burnout

Tired, chronic exhaustion - natural solutions
One major reason you may be experiencing burnout is because your body is battling toxins, resulting in bloating in water weight and excess body fat stores. We accumulate toxins just from normal, everyday life. We also gain weight, not necessarily from excess eating, but from an adaptation to constant, chronic stress. These two things – toxins and weight – screw up our master feedback center, the hypothalamus. When this region of the brain is thrown out of whack, all the signals it sends to the rest of our body are out of balance. This can cause dysregulation in the glands of the thyroid, adrenals, and ovaries.

The holistic approach is not to artificially throw substances at the body such as thyroid medication, antidepressants, coffee, energy drinks, or alcohol. Rather cleanse the body of toxins and reset our innate lifestyle patterns. This has to be done carefully as many body systems must be prepared first and the appropriate remedies used for each person. But only when the toxins are purged and the natural rhythms of the body restored, will the hypothalamus produce the proper signals to your glands. This in turn will reduce bloating and excess weight and give you back a HUGE surge in energy that you have been missing!

2) Improve gut health

Your gut can rob you of energy

gut health
As the gut goes, so goes your health, which also means your energy levels. The gut is a very sensitive component of your immune system. It is very common for clients to have over 20 pounds of built-up fecal matter in their bowels, parasites, inflammation from food sensitivities, and a poor mix of bacterial strains. These all combine to create many problems but the most important when it comes to your energy levels is adrenal gland burnout. In this disease-causing state, your immune system is under constant threat from within which causes a chronic adrenal gland response. When the adrenals have are on constant duty, they get exhausted. This is like running back to back to back marathons with no rest.

At some point, the glands will hit a wall. This wall you feel as low or no energy even for routine tasks like making meals, doing laundry, or playing in the yard with the kids. You also get brain fog and forget mundane things that should be easy to remember. Guzzling kombucha and taking a handful of probiotics won’t fix this. Nor will most medications or “magic superfood powders” you see on TV and social media.

The holistic approach is to investigate what is uniquely out of balance in your body and restore those elements. You must heal the gut. This in turn lets the adrenal glands off the hook, so they can do their job in providing you with the high energy and vigor you are craving!

3) Balanced minerals

No Minerals = No Energy

healthy happy and energized
Mainly due to the rigors of modern living and modern agriculture, we get a mere fraction of the minerals our ancestors did. Our food is down 300% in minerals. Plus, thanks to stress and toxins, our bodies tend to be very acidic. These two things – low mineral intake and an acidic body – cause a HUGE mineral deficiency. Minerals are our natural relaxers, tranquilizers, and soothers. They also help us do thousands of essential bodily functions we take for granted every day.

But can you just take a multivitamin and some “greens powder” and fix this? Not even close. We must first figure out what imbalances your body has which is causing it to be acidic. These range from mental health to diet, to lifestyle, to medications. After all, even the very best minerals cannot be absorbed by an acidic body. From there we can determine what the best source of minerals are for your unique body. We all require a different balance of minerals. Too much calcium for one person could increase the risk of heart disease, while not enough magnesium for another could cause anxiety.

The holistic approach is to be thoroughly assessed and then start a plan of care with custom recommendations that target your individual needs. In this way, and only this way, can we balance an acidic body and get the minerals into your cells that are essential to restore your energy levels.

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