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Naturopathic Healthcare, Holistic Remedies, & Restorative Therapies

Get to the root cause of your health problem. Our naturopath will use targeted holistic remedies and restorative therapies to help your body heal itself and alleviate chronic symptoms and/or restore your energy and vitality. Use our proven 4 Step Holistic Solution:

  1. Book your FREE 15-minute Clarity Call – discuss your health concerns.
  2. Complete a Clinical Naturopathic Exam in our office.
  3. Discover the root of health challenges from in-office, non-invasive testing.
  4. Begin your plan of care with targeted holistic remedies and/or restorative therapies and feel better

Natural Healing Modalities

Dr. Jason may incorporate one or more of the following modalities to assist you in reaching your highest degree of health and wellness.


Naturopathic medicine includes natural remedies to help the body heal itself. Dr. Jason is a board certified doctor of naturopathy and uses therapies such as herbs, massage, exercise, lifestyle medicine, and nutritional consulting in his naturopathic practice.


Holistic medicine works to address the whole person, not just chase the illness. Dr. Jason is a certified holistic health practitioner focused on healing an individual as a whole, including their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The holistic approach combines clinical therapies along with drug-free approaches like lifestyle medicine, nutrition, restorative therapies, and homeopathy.


Holistic in approach, functional medicine also takes a deeper approach to uncovering the underlying dysfunctions, as each person is unique. Functional medicine seeks the root causes to see what’s truly causing the symptoms. To do this Dr. Jason forms a partnership with each client. Functional medicine is highly personalized health care and looks at a client’s history, genetics, environment, and lifestyle. The goal is to find a healthy balance for the body to heal itself with nutritional therapy, exercise, supplements, self-awareness, and other natural remedies.


Natural medicine focuses on natural methods and remedies since most drugs have side effects and do not alleviate the root cause. Natural medicines include herbs, breathwork, gentle exercise, and other holistic remedies. Keep in mind, Dr. Jason does not believe in simply replacing drugs with herbs. Rather, he uses herbs, supplements, and other remedies to create a healing environment for the client. After ideal health and stability is created, there is little need for more than a few supplements long term.


Integrative medicine emphasizes the integration of natural therapies and conventional treatments. Dr. Jason will partner with you and your other healthcare provider(s) to give you the best overall support with traditional medicine and holistic therapies. Sometimes a drug or conventional treatment is the best course of action for an individual’s unique circumstance. Dr. Jason supports the best decision in the client’s interest, drug or natural, with the goal to work to minimize drug dependency.

Natural Healing Modalities


As a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Jason can address the root cause of your health challenges with customized solutions and targeted holistic remedies. Recommended holistic remedies will help restore your vitality and boost your confidence.


Naturopathic clinical restorative therapies can release stress, reduce inflammation, and create pain-free movement. This modality is available as a stand-alone service. Either way, we won’t know if this approach is best for you without hopping on a FREE Clarity Call.


Not all whole foods are beneficial to your body. It’s not good enough to merely eat natural foods. The real objective is to find what foods support your constitution or genetic predisposition. As a holistic doctor, Dr. Jason works with clients to create a customized superfood list since each client is unique. This is how you heal and thrive!

Book a Clarity Call to find out if this holistic approach is best for your situation, the call is FREE!

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