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Clinical Naturopathic Techniques

As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Jason can uncover your health challenges at a cellular level with clinical naturopathic techniques.


The vast majority of conventional testing such as blood studies (lab draws), are only testing a small portion of your health? Estimates are maybe 5% at best. This means even if you get the “clean bill of health” from a provider, you may have a false sense of security.

Truth is our health is complex and there are a whole host of evidence-based methods to determine your true health status far more in-depth than conventional means. The Naturopathic Modalities I employ assess 80-90% of your full health picture, far more than any other approach. This is what’s called “functional health.”

For example, your blood values may show your liver enzymes, a common marker ordered by many doctors is within normal limits. However, if you have poor elimination, skin issues, moodiness, low energy, and many other symptoms, your liver may in fact not be working well. The liver enzymes only elevate when the liver is maxed out of its capacity to keep up with demand. Why wait until this vital organ (or any organ) is nearly exhausted to take action?

While I can order any conventional test my clients need – such as vitamin D3, a test which is vital to health – these are merely just one small piece of my process.

On the other hand, Clinical Naturopathic Modalities offer an in-depth opportunity to learn where your body is both now AND what you are predisposed to in the future. The concept of predisposition is something conventional medicine has few, if any, tests for. They treat everyone nearly the same when we are unique beings. They are also quick to diagnose diseases, which tell you nothing about why the condition is there to begin with.

During my Clinical Naturopathic Exam, I employ three core assessments. I complete an RBTI test, study your iris with a high definition camera, and complete a full body physical exam. To further enhance the Exam, I also use Traditional Chinese Medicine as a secondary series of tests to study your body, spiritual and emotional health.

With all these assessments complete I will then have a plethora of information from which I can help you understand what’s going on with you – the root cause of why you feel so burnt out. These data also help me triangulate or “double-check” my findings are accurate. In other words, when there is a real concern, it will show up two, three or even five+ times throughout the different tests. This redundancy helps me bolster my conclusions and helps you get the fastest and safest healing response possible.

The Naturopathic Exam is the fastest and most direct way to get to the bottom of why you have so little energy, why you are so exhausted, and why your body is not functioning at its best. And, what can be done to restore your vitality, boost your confidence, and live your best life.

Booking a Clarity Call is the best way to get the process started as this helps us figure out if my methods are a good fit for you… and the call is FREE!

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