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Clinical Restorative Therapy


Your goal – why you came to this website – is to feel better, restore your vitality, so you can live your best life, right? Well, in order to do that, we must get you moving or exercising in one way or another.

Exercise is a required nutrient! It is not a weight loss gimmick. It’s just as essential as fresh food, water and air.

If you want to restore your energy, we must find a way to exercise. But in order to do that, you have to first move well with little to no painIf you are in pain, you cannot move well, or move at all. The best naturopathic plan on the planet can only do so much. Exercise must be implemented at some point.

Clinical Restorative Therapy may be something to consider if pain or fear of movement is a problem for you. My approach is to globally assess your ENTIRE body. Why? 99% of the time, chronic pain at the knee level, for example, is not from a “bad knee.” It’s from stiff ankles and hips, poor core strength, tight hip flexors and glutes that don’t fire, just to list a few. While each case is unique, this gives you an idea of what is usually the root cause. 

The conventional medical answer is a great option **IF** you have an acute injury such as a car accident or slip and fall on the ice. Or if you are coming out of major surgery or recovering from a stroke or other health crisis. I refer out to a number of great physical therapists, chiropractors, and medical massage technicians if that is the best route for my client.

With that said, if you are not in the situation above and you are “functional,” the conventional approach is not the best solution. You may get pain treatment which can be helpful. But you will rarely get to the root cause of WHY you have pain. This is like giving someone a small bite of fish but not teaching them how to fish for themselves.

This is why I created my proprietary version of this modality. Once I globally assess you, I then have a clear picture of all the forces involved in why you have chronic pain, stiffness, tightness or weakness. I use special in-clinic techniques to release muscles, align joints, and re-educate the nervous system, throughout your entire body. Plus I write at-home drills to complement the clinical work.

Once the root causes are addressed, the body will reduce the inflammation which is causing the pain response, and you can start moving with less, and in most cases, no pain! From there, confidence soars and you are more likely to get out and move. Once you move more, you can then enjoy a great healing response and get your vitality and energy back!

I do offer this modality as a stand alone service if you just want me to assess your physical capabilities. Either way, we won’t know if this approach is best for you without hopping on a FREE Clarity Call. So click the bar below!

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