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Targeted Remedies


A remedy is a substance which targets one or more aspects of the body, mind or spirit to enhance function, or improve a system or process. This can be as simple as a breathing technique to lower the stress response or as complex as eliminating parasites.

It’s best to think of remedies as improving our function or assisting our body in healing itself. In other words, they are not a treatment or cure. Unless we are talking about a heart transplant, only the body can cure itself. And treatments are a conventional or allopathic way of stopping a symptom or process. A statin medication lowers cholesterol but has no significant benefit in addressing the systemic inflammation which is causing the elevation in cholesterol. The bad guy here is not cholesterol – it’s inflammation! Humans do not have a “statin deficiency”… they need an anti-inflammatory lifestyle!

Remedies for an anti-inflammatory protocol greatly vary based on the individual but may include vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin K2. There is far more to creating the proper inflammatory response which in turn creates a healthy cholesterol level – so please do not run to Amazon to buy these and start taking them – I just wanted to illustrate the conventional vs. naturopathic approach and the remedy vs. treatment approach.

At the end of the day, I want the best solution for the client. While it’s rare, the best solution sometimes is a drug to lower very high blood pressure, for example. Very high sustained blood pressure is dangerous. Medication may be the best route at that time but again this does not address WHY the BP is elevating. This is where naturopathy shines through. A client can be taking a conventional medicine which is essential for their immediate well-being and still work with me to incorporate natural remedies to address the root cause.

Some remedies are not required nutrients and some are. A homeopathic remedy to help with anxiety and sleep is not a required nutrient. Yet, it can help calm the nerves and quiet the mind in order to get vital sleep. On the other hand, a supplement is required by the body, such as vitamin D3, protein powder or magnesium. We cannot get enough of these essential nutrients in our diet or our body cannot absorb them, thus we must take them to assist our diet in providing the right nutrition.

I only recommend remedies which are clinically indicated. And ultimately one of my goals is to have my clients take as few remedies as possible as I want them to get as much as possible from whole foods. Just because you can take something (even natural) doesn’t mean you should.

Discovering which remedies will help you restore your energy levels and make you feel awesome can only be found after a Naturopathic Exam. Afterall, you are unique and you need a customized wellness strategy to meet your unique needs. The fastest way to figure this out is to jump on a FREE Clarity Call with me to see if we are a good fit.

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