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holistic medicine Finding the Root Cause

Holistic Medicine is the Only Proven Way to Find the Root Cause of Disease

This article is an overview of what holistic medicine is compared to the conventional approach and how a well-trained holistic doctor can concur chronic illness.

All the uncomfortable symptoms you may be experiencing are not an isolated event. You do not get thyroid dysfunction, painful PMS, or fatigue just “because.” There is a root cause. The root causes are rarely one thing you can point to like some ah-ha moment. The body only works in systems. To illustrate you might think you only use your bicep muscle to curl a dumbbell up. Nope. While the bicep is certainly used as a primary mover, without the shoulder, core, back muscles, forearm flexors, even your legs believe it or not, you would not be able to curl your arm.

While there is certainly a time and place for medication, especially in the acute phase of an illness, the vast majority are overprescribed. Plus they are not designed to address the body systems which are the root causes of the illness and thus the symptoms you feel. Most drugs invented are for palliative care or to make you feel better. Taking a drug thinking it will fix your chronic health challenge is like consuming a tub of whey protein thinking it will somehow make the biceps grow. Nope. You have to actually do mechanical work, train the muscle, be consistent, feed it nutrients beyond just protein, and overall conduct a healthy lifestyle. And sure enough, that’s when you see muscle growth. If we accept this process when we go to the gym, why do we expect a quick fix in a bottle for a chronic health challenge you have been dealing with for years?

For that matter, even herbal medicines, while usually less dangerous than drugs, are often used merely for palliative care as well. Well, the truth is over 90% of chronic health conditions cannot be alleviated by the conventional approach nor just taking some herbs. Show me the drug or herb that addresses all the causal factors in a chronic disease. I’ll wait here…

… still waiting…

Enter holistic medicine. Good holistic medicine can help you feel better, but the key is for the practitioner to do a deep-dive into your body systems. To go beyond the surface. See what’s working and what’s not. Are there nutrient deficiencies, parasites, glands that are not communicating, or hormones are out of whack? Is the digestive tract a hot mess? And, what about your bio-individuality? You are a unique individual and thus your meal patterns need to match your biochemistry. Thus why all diets fail over 90% of the time. You are not consuming what makes YOU thrive. A good holistic doctor is a trained professional who can help find your bio-individuality which is crucial for long term health. Dr Oz says while grains are good for you… but what if those healthy whole grains are making you sick because they are not compatible with your biochemistry?

Sure we all want to have a symptom-free life and not be in pain or have fatigue. But expecting to resolve the root cause with a drug or even an herbal medicine makes no sense. A well-trained holistic or naturopathic doctor will look broader and deeper, recommending what is clinically indicated for your unique body and lifestyle. Then design a care plan that addresses the root causes, creates a healing response, solves the real issues, and ultimately puts to bed the symptoms that were making you miserable. The next time you have a terrible bout of PMS, ask yourself, “do I have a “Motrin deficiency” or are there underlying issues my body is trying to warn me about?”

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