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How Naturopathic Methods Alleviate Burnout

Exploring how working with a Naturopathic Doctor can alleviate burnout and exhaustion through natural methods

For my entire nearly 20-year career in healthcare, I have seen burned-out and exhausted clients, more often women over 40. It’s a serious epidemic which is mostly silent. It creeps up on you slowly but steadily as you complete college, start a demanding career, have children and the list goes on. Each stage of life adds just a little more to the pile until one day you hit a wall. Often there is a feeling the wall came out of nowhere. But that is never the case. What usually happens is a very stressful life event drains what little battery power you had left. For example, a major illness diagnosed, divorce, troubled child, or loss of a loved one. These high-stress events pushed the body just a little too far. But It was already out of balance. The signs were there if you had stopped to listen to them. Signs like thinning hair, poor sleep, weight gain especially in the middle, diminished libido, or the reliance on uppers like coffee in the morning and downers like booze at night. Yes, the writing was on the wall, but perhaps you did not notice the signs or figured it was just par for the course. Either way, your body said enough is enough.

Naturopathic methods are the true functional medicine your body requires to overcome burnout and exhaustion.

A detoxification cleanse is an example of a naturopathic method that a well-trained Naturopathic Doctor can administer to assist in healing. Part of the exhaustion and burnout is a build-up of toxic substances in the body over many years. Heavy metals, pesticides, and parasites, just to name a few, may have taken up residency in your body. These are largely responsible for brain fog, fatigue, and lack of get-up and go. A detox cleanse can make a huge difference. But I caution you – you should not do this without guidance as you can potentially make yourself very sick. The pathways of elimination must be open first. Plus there are many health factors which determine how aggressive (or not) the cleanse can be and what foods, herbs, and supplements are appropriate for your individual case. But in general, when done correctly, a detox cleanse can help rid the body of the nasty aforementioned toxins, allowing the body to reset and refresh.

This “clean” body state will allow for proper rest, recovery, and regeneration which means you get a healing response. After this healing response, your body will work far more efficiently which ultimately means you get your mojo back! You will have more energy, more stamina, and more vigor for life. You will be mentally present to enjoy the little things that make life sweet with your partner or kids. It’s all possible after a custom detox cleanse by a naturopathic doctor qualified to create the right protocol for you.

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