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Slow Down Aging with a Morning Routine

In this post I will be talking about how to slow your biological aging with a morning routine. 

Now other people might tell you that you can reverse aging. Sorry, I can’t do that. Once we’re born, the clock is ticking. Nothing we can do about that. We’re all going to perish at some point, at least our physical body, the question is how much can we slow down that process? 

We’re going to still age, but can we slow it down? Can we age more gracefully? And can we make our biological age slow down? What does that really mean? Well you have your chronological age, your years of life that you’ve been alive, I’m around 45 or so. But some people are coming back from tests that say they’re 60, 70,80 years of age biologically on the inside, that means your cellular health. Someone with a high biological age is going to meet their demise much faster, than somebody who’s 45, that has a 37 year old biological age.

You’re still gonna age, you can’t reverse it, but you can age better

This morning routine should help you a lot. I prescribe this to my patients. I think it’s really powerful. I do this personally, I have for years. I want you to do a four step process. Okay. And it starts off with: 

Step 1: Deep Breathing.

We will be doing some deep breathing and as I have talked about before, it’s shoulders down, work on belly breathing, and then expand it to your chest. Work on four to six seconds in, eight to ten seconds out. Start with 10 deep breaths.

Step 2: Gratitude

Next we will get into gratitude. When you do, you’re actually going to humble yourself, and you’re gonna really put tons of positive energy toward a person, place, thing, event or situation that you really enjoy, that you get joy from. It’s something that you really appreciate. And I don’t want you to just say “Hey, I’m grateful for a sunny day”. I want you to actually be in that gratitude and visualize that really warm, yummy feeling of whatever you are thinking of. Be there, visualize that, be in that moment, and it actually raises your vibrational frequency. What does that do? That helps heal you and that slows down aging. This will combat stress hormones in our body, like cortisol, epinephrine. We can actually have better cellular health. 

Step 3: Praying

I want you to try to pour energy towards someone else, I will call that praying, but you don’t have to be religious. You don’t have to follow any kind of faith if you don’t want to, but I want you to pray for someone else that is in need, that needs positive energy, maybe someone dealing with a chronic illness, going through a rough breakup, or going through some rough mental health. Somebody who needs some extra healing, has been going through a tough time. Pray for that person. Again, genuinely think about them, visualize them, send them good vibes. You know, ask whatever power of nature that you believe in or your religion to help send good energy to that person. That’s a selfless thing, to pray for someone, but it’s selfish as well because you’re gonna get a return on investment from that. It’s going to raise your frequency, it’s going to help you heal, you’re going to slow down your heart rate, you’re actually going to feel better.

Step 4: Micro Goals

You’re probably thinking, how does this help me with aging gracefully? What’s this guy talking about? Well micro goals are little tiny goals you make that you can accomplish that day.

They’re going to help you set promises and keep promises to yourself. One of the most dangerous things we can do is make promises to ourselves and not keep them, that erodes your self confidence. It erodes your self esteem. It tells your subconscious mind “ I don’t know if you’ve got this.” It puts doubt into your life that you can accomplish things. Believe it or not, what this does is create guess what? Depression, anxiety. What does that create? Stress hormones that age your body. I know you may not see the connection, but stick with me. Create these little micro goals. Pick something that you want to get better at, maybe 10 minutes of daily exercise, daily breathwork, eating more whole foods, little stuff. Something you can check off at the end of the night and say “I did that. I’m proud of myself.” 

So to recap, 

Step 1: In the morning breathe for eight to ten reps slowly. 

Step 2: Really reflect on one, two or three things that you’re really grateful for. 

Step 3: Pray for those in need that really need you to reach out and give them some help. 

Step 4: Set just one or two simple micro goals you can keep to, that you’re going to follow through on. 

Doing all of this will help slow aging because it’s going to lower the stress hormones in your body, which could be lowering your blood pressure and is going to be bringing down glucose and insulin levels. I mean, all these things add up to better quality life and more longevity. Give that routine a try and tell me how it goes.

Be Well!

Dr. Jason

Naturopathic doctor in Lansing, MI


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