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What to Expect From Your SHAPE Reclaimed Program

What to Expect From Your SHAPE Program Journey

Once you’ve decided to begin the SHAPE Reclaimed Program you probably are wondering how exactly this program works and what you can expect along the way.

There are six things that can help you make the most of your SHAPE Program journey – communicating with your SHAPE practitioner,  reviewing the SHAPE Reclaimed information, establishing a baseline, enjoying food, following your individualized plan, and embracing the transformation.

1. One-On-One with a SHAPE Practitioner

A Certified SHAPE Practitioner, like Dr. Jason McCammon, is there to introduce you to the SHAPE program, discuss your health challenges, identify your goals, and create an individualized approach to your SHAPE journey.

Be honest and thorough when you complete your health history intake forms. And during your initial exam, discuss your concerns and challenges. This is the best way to commit yourself to the process.

2. Explore the SHAPE Program Materials

There are a host of online resources for the SHAPE program, a guidebook, a website, and a Facebook support group.

The online resources were designed to help you to gain knowledge as you navigate through your SHAPE Program journey. Read through the SHAPE guidebook. Review the information provided on Dr. Jason’s BLOG as well as the SHAPE Reclaimed BLOG. There is always new information so check back often.

“The OFFICIAL SHAPE ReClaimed Support Group” on Facebook can be an emotional sounding board and place to connect with others to help you as you proceed. Click here to join The OFFICIAL SHAPE ReClaimed Support Group.

3. baseline and Follow-Up Schedule

As soon as you commit to beginning your SHAPE Reclaimed journey, you will complete a baseline urinalysis. A urinalysis is required before you begin the program. The urinalysis is used to customize the SHAPE program for your body.

Your SHAPE practitioner will recommend a follow-up schedule and will monitor your progress with regular urinalyses. Your results will be discussed by your practitioner on the day of your appointment.

NOTE: If you have more serious health concerns and/or are on prescription medications, you will require closer monitoring as your medication needs may change rapidly. Be sure to involve your prescribing physician.

4. Enjoy Food and Make Adjustments

It is important to enjoy food. There are food guidelines in the SHAPE Program Guidebook. The guidebook is the foundation of the program. For those choosing Phase I: FasTrac Cleanse, be sure to eat no less than the minimums listed (there are no minimums for Phase I: Basic Cleanse).

If your Certified SHAPE Practitioner makes adjustments, understand that these recommendations are for you personally. Depending on your urinalysis results and symptoms, your practitioner may adjust your portions or allow you to add certain foods. NOTE: Please do not recommend your adjustments to others who are also doing the program, your recommendations are based on your body and your urinalysis.

5. Follow your individualized approach

Each of our Certified SHAPE Practitioners are trained and educated about the SHAPE program. Dr. Jason McCammon, ND is also a Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy, a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner,  and has certifications in Nutrition.

Here are some things that your SHAPE practitioner may do:

  • Recommend that you take additional supplements based on your health history, urinalysis results and/or symptoms.
  • Weigh and measure you at each follow-up visit.
  • Check your vitals checked. Some practitioners require pre- and post-SHAPE lab work, which may include a thyroid panel, hormone panel, hair analysis, saliva test for adrenal function or other tests.

NOTE: Your individualized approach means the cost might vary from one person to another.

6. Experience Total Health Transformation 

Embracing and committing to an individualized SHAPE Reclaimed Program will see results! You should expect to see inflammation reduced. You will feel cleansed or detoxed. And your immune system will be strengthened. The total transformation can include weight loss and for increased energy and vitality .

What-to-Expect-from-Your-SHAPE-Experience-2We realize this program can be challenging at times and the protocol may feel rigid. We require practitioner monitoring throughout your SHAPE Program journey for your safety and long-term success. This is also why the SHAPE Drops and Program Guidebook will never be sold online or to the general public.

Your SHAPE practitioner has partnered with SHAPE ReClaimed and has signed a contract explaining our standards and guidelines. We provide plenty of training and resources to ensure all our practitioners understand how to serve you best.

Should your SHAPE Program journey not resemble what we’ve outlined above, please contact SHAPE Central at 636-484-8444.

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