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chronic headache

The Natural and Permanent Way to Alleviate Chronic Headaches

Get to the Root cause of Chronic Headaches

Chronic headaches disrupt your life as they cause debilitating pain. But the concern goes far beyond just the pain as headaches can be signs of serious underlying conditions. You should not accept them as just a part of life; we are not meant to live with them.

Let’s chat about one type of headache: tension headache.

Tension headaches are often caused by strained muscles at the base of the head and top of the shoulders, called levator scapulae. This pair of muscles raises our shoulders to our ears, and flexes and rotates our head and neck. These small but mighty structures are asked to hold up the equivalent of a heavy bowling ball all day long. They are prone to being strained and injured. Muscles in this state tend to retract (shorten) out of protection. In turn, this pulls the cervical spine (neck) out of alignment, putting undue pressure onto the nerves which influence pain and bodily functions.

The next most logical question is WHY?

The levators are working to help offset poor total body mechanics, which include poor ergonomics at your workstation and years of poor spinal hygiene.

At this point, it sounds like all you need is a good deep tissue massage and you are good to go! Well, before you let Juan with the amazing eyelashes unleash on you, it’s not doing much to fix the root cause.

The root cause of most physical pain, including tension headaches, is an imbalance of the physical status of the body. In other words, walking around with weak arches, weak glutes, weak core muscles, tight hip flexors from sitting most of the day, a bent-over spine from hours as a desk jockey at work, and the list goes on.

Restorative Therapy, a Natural Approach to Headaches

Hence a symptom – headache – you thought you could concur with an Advil or glass of wine, is telling you there is much more going on that needs to be looked at. The most appropriate course of action is to get assessed by a natural or holistic doctor trained in the arts of restorative therapy. As the title implies, restorative therapies work to restore your total body function.

Between a combination of clinical work, simple at-home therapy, and a few custom lifestyle adjustments, restorative therapies aim to create a balance between each joint. It will work to get all body parts working together, which means better posture, thus reducing the stress on your levator which is a common cause of headache.

Sure you can choose to medicate instead and ignore the signs but over time you will start to pick up more pain throughout the body. Your ability to move when and where you want to will diminish and that’s not fun. This puts serious limits on your life and who wants that?

Partner with a natural doctor, a  holistic doctor to get to the root cause of YOUR chronic headaches.

A qualified natural or holistic doctor will conduct an assessment and work with you to create a care plan which addresses the underlying cause of your headache because you deserve a life without chronic pain.

Get to the root cause of chronic headaches.

Alleviate chronic headaches with a naturopath, targeted holistic remedies, and restorative therapy.

If you live in the Lansing MI area schedule an appointment or book a FREE Clarity Call to discuss your chronic headaches.

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