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The Right way to stay hydrated

Water is unbelievably important, but there’s a lot of misconceptions out there.

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Problem #1- Drinking Too Much Water

In my years of clinical practice and my geeky scientific research, I found that it is super important to stay hydrated.  But oftentimes we are overdoing it.

Ideal Amount of Daily Water Intake

We want to shoot for roughly half your body weight in ounces of water. (Although I do see a max around 80 to 90 ounces, even for a larger person.)

Problem #2- Mineral Deficiency

In fact, a lot of people are overdoing it when we start a healthy routine or a fitness routine. You might be thinking, well water flushes things out. Isn’t that good for me?  I see guys at the gym, drinking big giant jugs or I see people on Instagram just chugging away and they’re expressing “Hey, I stay hydrated.”

You know what the issue is? We have so little minerals in our soil anymore, that when you’re already minerally depleted (most people that I test have a mineral deficiency),when you add water without minerals, guess what you’re doing, you’re depleting your electrolyte balance of those minerals even more!

Add minerals

So I want you to stay hydrated, but I highly recommend a trace mineral added to the water. And furthermore, we’ve got to add minerals to our diet if we’re going to drink a lot of water. So remember more water AND minerals. You have to keep that balance.

One of the best ways to do that is adding Celtic Sea Salt to your water. You don’t need to have it taste salty; don’t overdo it. But Celtic Sea Salt is unbelievable as a source of massive amounts of sea bass minerals, and trace minerals. You’re basically getting back to ancient eating patterns when you do that. One of my favorite, favorite things to recommend to patients here for my practice-upon waking drink  between 20 to 30 ounces of lukewarm water, with a quarter teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt. Wait 15 to 20 minutes let that get through the bowels. It does wonders for the body, it increases your electrolytes. And it says “Hey adrenals, you don’t have to work so hard to make balancing hormones anymore”. So let’s work on staying hydrated.

How To Stay Hydrated When You’re Busy

I find people struggle with trying to get in water when they get busy. For example, a dental hygienist that I work with is a client of mine. Hours and hours a day, she can’t just stop and take a break. But I did encourage her over time to empower herself and improve her self-care habits, and she would follow this routine:  in between  patients, she would drink eight to 12 ounces, and another couple of patients again, drink some more water. My point is you don’t have to sip water all day. Remember the human body is designed to bolus substances and we’re actually designed to have a pretty good sized meal and then we don’t eat for many hours, right? We’re really not designed to graze. If you think about where our ancestors came from, or even tribal populations on the planet now, they don’t sip water all day. They’re going to have you a bolus of it, a pretty good sizable amount. Drink between eight to 12 ounces every couple of hours -find a strategy that works for you.

Drinking water first thing when you wake up is really important. You’ll know if you’re drinking too much water if your urine gets really super clear, back off. You’ll know you’re not drinking enough if you see more of a dark yellow color. Obviously there could be other medical conditions so be mindful of that, but hopefully this helps you.

Let’s be more attentive to how much water we’re drinking- this is an easy way to improve our health!


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