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How Targeted Remedies Improve Gut Function

Under the Guidance of a Naturopathic Doctor, Custom Targeted Remedies can Improve Your Gut Function

Your health (or illness) is directly tied to your gut function. The myth that simply taking a probiotic can somehow fix all the ailments with the gut is absurd. Did you know that some probiotics, even high quality, can actually cause more gut issues? This is because you can upset your endemic colonies of flora – flora are all the organisms that make up your gut’s microbiome. Instead, there are ways to nurture your flora to coax it to build up naturally without introducing a potential foreign invader.

In terms of symptoms, many clients come to me with belching, heartburn, bloating, gas, signs of parasitic infestation, constipation, diarrhea, and more. Taking medications just to “feel better” such as antacids, antibiotics, or immunosuppressants, only mask the issues, driving them deeper. Just because you “feel” better, doesn’t mean you found and addressed the route cause. The problem will rear up again, oftentimes much more aggressive with intensified symptoms.

A qualified naturopathic doctor will understand how the gut works and through due diligence, find out what your gut requires to repair itself. After all, you have the power to repair any body part. A naturopathic doctor is merely here as an educated guide to help make the process easier, more successful, and greatly reduce the risk of complications.

After a thorough assessment of your health history, targeted remedies will be designed to address specific aspects of the gut. There are numerous but the shortlist is to repair the gut wall to keep fecal matter where it should be (which is inside the gut) and not leaking into the blood system. Calming down the inflammation in the gut which is often caused by an overactive or irritated immune system. And nurturing the endemic colonies with the right substances. When these flourish, the microbiome manufactures hundreds, maybe even thousands, of chemicals vital to our health. Just some of these are B vitamins, neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, vitamin K and the list goes on. High-quality research has found direct causal links between diabetes, depression, cancer, heart disease, burnout and exhaustion, and gut dysfunction.

The goal is to use targeted remedies for a short term plan of care to help assist the healing of the gut. From there a clean, whole food diet (and other lifestyle habits) are all that is required to maintain the great gut health. Only then can you expect to feel, look and be your best.

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