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Benefits of Getting Some Fresh Air and Sunlight

Fresh air and sunlight are important naturopathic foundations.  I know it’s difficult here in the Midwest  and in many parts of the country now that it’s cold to get outside, but we have to get outside regardless of the weather. It’s important, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

The most toxic air is…

The most toxic air found in studies is not in factories, believe it or not. It’s not when you’re riding the bus or the train, it’s actually in your own home, in your own car. That’s the most toxic air. So take breaks from that, get outside, get some fresh air. Cold air stimulates healing! It’s actually really healthy for you as long as you’re not obviously actively sick.  It can be very invigorating. An example of cold temperatures contributing to health is hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is where we have a patient get in some really warm water and then get in cold water; it’s very healing and they do that in spas and treatments all over the world. Well, you can do that by literally going outside and breathing in that cool air.

This doesn’t apply to just winter. Even if it’s super hot outside its important to get fresh air.  It’s such an important thing to maintain regardless of the weather. In other words, don’t let the weather dictate to you if you get fresh air or not . We are designed to be outside in fresh air.


There’s studies on this that the photons in light, especially sunlight, actually have receptor sites in the brain. It’s actually using the brain as a nutrient. And again, if it’s really cloudy where you live, it’s tough, but do the best you can to get whatever exposure you can- remember even if it’s overcast, you can still get rays of sun into your body and into your eyes. It may not be bright or sunny, but you could still get some sunlight benefits outside even if it’s a little cloudy out.

Light box

You can also use a special light box to get some of the benefits of sunlight. Spend some time  sitting under a light box especially if you have S.A.D. or seasonal affective disorder. S.A.D. means you get gloomy with cloudy, cold weather- that’s basically what it is. We don’t need to make it into a huge condition. It’s not a disease. If this affects you let’s get a light box. Let’s do something about it.

You can also get full spectrum bulbs throughout your house and office. I do highly recommend if you can, try to get away from some of that fluorescent light in your office. Try to use an incandescent light which is the old fashioned light bulb, or LEDs. Try to be careful of how much fluorescent light you’re exposed to- this is really big especially if you have migraines.

Another big one for sunlight is going to be getting the UVA and UVB rays. So you might want to consider going to a spa and getting some of those treatments to try and mimic that benefit of sunshine. Because it’s so important that we maintain that if we can’t get sun outside, then we go to a facility every so often trying to mimic that, it’s super important. There’s so many benefits to it, but there’s a huge detox effect when you get ultraviolet radiation in your body. Infrared radiation has big detox effects,  making vitamin D and feeding those receptor sites in the brain.

Let’s do the best we can to get some fresh air and sunshine whenever possible. And if you can,  go on a little vacation. Go to a destination where we can get a little sun on our skin even if it’s  only a couple of times throughout the winter.

Get outside today and enjoy the sunshine!

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